They says that « In order to know a city, you first have to learn how to get lost into it ». Stone Town, in the heart of Zanzibar city, was probably built to support that proverb.
«Zanj el Barr », literally ‘the coastline of black men’, the heart of the Swahili civilization is the fruit of multiple influences that have been mixed over the centuries. Zanzibar has always stood at the cross-roads of civilizations, attracting travelers, merchants, sailors and explorers from all over the world. Today, Stone Town is surely the part of the island that attracts and fascinates the most: a unique architecture, colorful and fragrant markets, narrow streets dotted with surprises and a welcoming and mixed population. The perfect combination for a Today-project in Stone Town.
Today-Project is a humanist photo project that brings to light the beauty and diversity of our world by focusing on several cities, all around the planet. The idea of Today-Project is itself simple: One city - One day - 24 photos. During 24 hours, Yann macherez devote himself to the rhythm and movement of one city, documenting its identity.
An exhibition of 24 photos, one per hour, paired with the sound recorded during the capture, is showcased. A fully immersive experience in the daily life of the dedicated city.
A visual journey through time and space, offering the power to perceive humanity as One: Through similarity, Through difference.
« The world is very big and full of magnificent places which it would take more than a thousand lives to visit – Escape – Find better a little further – Zanzibar is calling »
It is after reading these few lines from Arthur Rimbaud’s correspondence that Yann Macherez decided to dive into the secrets of this mythical town. Growing himself on an island, Reunion Island, Yann was quite intrigued to see what defines their identity - as islanders - and how it evolves in this fast moving society.

When he wandered into Stone’s town maze, he felt immediately Home. A known fragrance but a unique visual!
Behind the typical postcard, he discover a hidden world that vibrates on a gentle multicultural frequency, 24 hours of a genuine adventure in the deep roots of this Indian Ocean’s jewel.

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