An islander discovering another island…something magic must come out of it!

I grew up in Reunion island, another tropical land surrounded by the Indian Ocean.
I developed myself in a multi ethnic environment where difference is a pride, a richness and indifference, felt as a default to life. It forged my approach to humanity and my perception of my own existence.

I can’t remember how many times i heard about that special place, where spices fill the air with their subtle fragrances.
I build, deep in my mind, a mystical idea around Zanzibar. In early 2016, i decided to explore this myth.
Most of the time, i'm trying to meticulously organize my trip before going.
For once, maybe because it felt like going back home, i just planned to be surprised.
Life would carry me around, my intuition as only companion.
Those perfect conditions for an accomplished Today/StoneTown!
August 14th, 6am. The city woke up slowly.
My bag on my shoulder i asked my friend: "Give me three directions! »
"Right, left, left!’ he said. 
This is how Stone town’s maze swallow me.
For the next 24 hours, i’ll be that wanderer, again.
06:24 AM
07:18 AM
08:47 AM
09:11 AM
10:28 AM
11:41 AM
12:12 AM
01:54 PM
02:18 PM
03:35 PM
04:24 PM
05:56 PM
06:09 PM
07:49 PM
08:29 PM
09:42 PM
10:23 PM
11:42 PM
12:36 PM
01:31 AM
02:18 AM
03:44 AM
04:22 AM
05:53 AM

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