"The New World"!
The multifaceted continent, the land of all the excesses.
Which photographer never craved to explore and capture it?
After Africa and Europe, I thought it was time to shoot a TODAY in North-America.
The occasion came up in September 2015.
I’ve been invited to Tahiti island to cover one of the biggest freeride festivals of French Polynesia.
It was an amazing work opportunity but also an incredible chance to do another TODAY, on the way.
Coming from Europe, there are two options to get to Tahiti: Through Los Angeles, U.S.A or through Auckland, New Zealand. I was more inclined to favor West than East, Palm trees than Ferns, Quentin Tarantino than Peter Jackson.
After my assignment, on my way back, I decided to stay for a week in the "City of Angels". By experience, I knew the importance to be permeated with the city I was going to shoot. To properly capture its authenticity, its real dynamic. But, It only took me few hours to realize that Los Angeles was not going to be my next TODAY.
Too vast, too intense…too intimidating maybe! I was just not ready for it.
In a second, I knew: I rented a car, drove the Highway #1 for 9 hours and parked in front of the Golden Gate. Something fresh about that unexpected turn of event, a reconnection with one of my philosophy: "Just follow your intuition". The mind revived, I could give myself go to San Francisco.
07:05 AM
08:22 AM
09:43 AM
10:20 AM
11:09 AM
12:37 AM
01:31 PM
02:54 PM
03:40 PM
04:38 PM
05:14 PM
07:18 PM
08:22 PM
09:40 PM
10:09 PM
11:33 PM
12:12 PM
01:36 AM
02:24 AM
03:17 AM
04:02 AM
05:26 AM
06:33 AM

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