After the first TODAY in Cape Town, the fire of this adventure was still burning inside me. We had the chance to share it as we organized an exhibition in Cape Town, a month after the shooting. Many people popped up and the exhibition was a great success. Beyond the fact that we knew the potential of our project, we realized that its concept was arousing curiosity and giving rise to interest.
People wanted to see more and I felt the need to experience more!
Before moving to Cape Town, I lived in Paris for many years. It is one of the most magnificent city that I saw, one of the most overwhelming also. Throughout hot summers and harsh winters, between the massive avenue and intimate « troquet », I sharpened my eye and my sensitivity. Paris offered me its beauty and shape my photographic approach on street photography.

On the first of June, I went back to Paris. While I
was walking on boulevard Beaumarchais, contemplating this urban dance, it hits me: Paris was going to be my next TODAY. After TODAY/CAPETOWN, Shooting the city that I left for Cape Town felt like an amusing evolution. I knew I was going to face a new challenge regarding its realization: Paris is ten times bigger than Cape Town and I've got only 24 hours to cover it!
Challenge accepted: On the 11 of June, at 9 pm, I started the TODAY/PARIS. 24 hours later, 2897 photos taken and one shoulder less, I completed my second TODAY.
This is what happened…
10:23 AM
11:47 AM
12:09 AM
01:31 PM
02:53 PM
03:27 PM
04:16 PM
06:44 PM
07:09 PM
08:30 PM
09:42 PM
10:04 PM
11:26 PM
12:54 AM
01:33 AM
02:05 AM
03:41 AM
04:11 AM
05:57 AM
06:23 AM
07:46 AM
08:05 AM
09:29 AM

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