When you organize a TODAY, the first thing that comes to mind is: « Where do I want the next one to be? »
To answer that question, there is a thin balance between enjoyment and relevance.
That balance that gonna give space to my sensitivity, to my creativity.
 After Cape Town and Paris, that question came naturally to my mind.
I began to understand what was criteria to focus on, regarding the selec
tion of a city.
I remember saying to myself: « It needs to be big enough to take advantage of its urban agitation and diversity of places. But human-scaled also, so I can walk around, meet people and experience as much as I can. But too small, and I won't find anything to capture at night. »
Internal struggle, you got me!
Three years before, I went to Amsterdam. I really enjoyed roaming in Amsterdam’s street: Cruising on my bike, on a boat, to discover that surprising city. That feeling was close to the one that I feel meandering during my TODAY. And, as I was living in Cape Town, I thought that many people back there would enjoy the TODAY/AMSTERDAM exhibition.
The balance was found. Amsterdam, here I come! 
07:13 AM
08:47 AM
09:42 AM
10:21 AM
11:33 AM
12:51 AM
01:24 PM
02:42 PM
03:02 PM
04:36 PM
05:23 PM
06:11 PM
07:18 PM
08:30 PM
09:53 PM
10:49 PM
11:26 PM
12:09 PM
01:38 AM
02:14 AM
03:32 AM
04:15 AM
05:42 AM
06:50 AM

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