Yann Macherez is a documentary photographer based in Cape Town – South Africa. His work is a reflection of his life - of his experiences, meetings and contemplations.
He draws inspiration from the humanist photography movement (developed by photographers such as Henri Cartier-Bresson, Alex Webb or Sebastiao Salgado). This movement brings human to the forefront in each of photographs using a process that requires courage, humility and sensitivity. Accordingly, Yann believes that the medium of photography has the power to show the nobility of the common man and engender a new sense of compassion and mutual understanding.
When Yann Macherez uses his camera, it’s to shoot the world as he welcomes it. A vision of the world - of his world - and society, that interrogates, asks and amuses the photographer as much as the viewer. 
This is the way Yann conceives photography: tell the story of Life surrounding him while at the same time questioning it.
By trusting his intuition, he captures simple everyday moments and continuously strives to find that extra sentiment in the ordinary, revealing the beauty of our humanity. Photography helped him understand who he is as a human. The pursuit of fulfillment as a photographer is an eternal search of oneself.