«When I’m going out to shoot, this is what it is all about:
A love affair between the human and the photographer."
The human said « I want to go out! To dance with life and embrace the flow!»
The photographer replied with enthusiasm « Oh! can I follow you? maybe I could capture this dance? »
« Capture? What do you mean?’’ asked the human, intrigued.
« Capturing is my way to fully seize my existence. You enjoy dancing, I deeply love capturing. It makes me feel alive! ». « Oh, I see, said the human, I want you to be as happy as I am while dancing. what can I do?»
« Just be yourself, open and curious » continue the photographer. « For the time that I'll be with you, just leave everything behind. See possibilities, not obstructions.»
The human breathed deeply « I remember when I was a kid, I used to love playing hide and seek. I was laughing so hard, fooling with life. Nowadays, I don’t have so much time to do so! »
«Follow me and I'll follow you. You just have to live and life will give me photos!» concluded the photographer.
When I'm going out to shoot, this is what it is all about: A love affair between the human and the photographer.
The human will give rise to the path, an ephemeral destiny, following his intuition.
The photographer will enhance the moment and focus the consciousness.
An authentic synergy, a walking meditation.

                                                 Once, Bruce Gilden said, « Shoot who you are ».

Photography made me comprehend who I am, as a human. I capture life surrounding me, to understand my own existence. The pursuit of fulfillment as a photographer is an eternal search of oneself.

Today-Project is a proof of love to myself and a celebration of our world.
There is an authenticity behind this initiative that hits me every time I dive into those 24 hours.

Each experience give me joy, questions, answers.
Each encounter pushes me to be open, be free, be crazy.
Each hour taught me to be curious, be patient, be present.
Cartier-Bresson perfectly explained in his the decisive moment essay, it’s all about saying « Yes!».
By capturing this adventure, I celebrate life and record mine.
The one that rewards with so many decisive moments, if you are conscious enough to see.
The one that reveals your destiny, if you are ready for it.
The one that we all sharing.
Just Be!