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Today-Project is a humanist photo project that brings to light the beauty and diversity of our world by focusing on several cities, all around the planet.
The idea of Today-Project is itself simple: One city - One day -24 photos.
During 24 hours, Yann macherez devotes himself to the rhythm and movement of one city, documenting its identity.An exhibition of 24 photos, one per hour, paired with the sound recorded during the capture, is showcased. A fully immersive experience in the daily life of the dedicated city. A story telling of this visual journey through time and space.
Our world is changing rapidly. Through this inevitable process, the world’s cultural colors are fading and extraordinary identities are on the brink of being lost. This is a global issue and a result of many escalating factors, including industrialization, globalization, mass tourism and cultural saturation led by the increasing predominance of internet.

Together, this sees a homogenization of the originally diverse cultures of this world. UNESCO director Irina Bokova calls cultural diversity: “the promise of renewal and dynamism, and an engine of innovation and development”. In this fast moving society, where many are in search of their own identity, it feels important for Yann macherez to encourage people to find pride in their cultural heritage and celebrate diversity. In the same intention as Jimmy Nelson’s project « before they passes away », Today- project is the visual response to that conviction, a way to show the world the great value that cultural heritage holds before our world has forever change.
“If you do not know where you come from, then you don't know where you are, and if you don't know where you are, then you don't know where you're going. And if you don't know where you're going, you're probably going wrong.” Terry Pratchett
Through this project, Yann macherez's desire is to show where we come from, how we live nowadays and where we are going. Two important choices were made to be able to achieve that goal: focus on cities in a timeframe of a day. The urban ecosystem, a crossroad for humans of many backgrounds, is the most up-to-date representation of the evolution of our society. It isa visual laboratory that allows to contemplate and capture the resilience of a local society’s identity as they face globalization and homogenization. The time frame of a day set a universal reference: we are all living within the same natural rhythm but experience it differently.
By focusing on one city for 24 hours, Yann seeks to portray the diversity and beauty of our humanity, including our similarities, differences, and the challenges we face, all throughout the world.
The last part of the project’s method will put on the spotlight on where we are going: 5 years after the initial shooting, Yann will go back to the same city to capture again those 24 hours. Today-project will then become a photographic archive, dedicated to show how city’s identities evolves and which direction our society is taking, pointing the challenges that have intensified and the answers that have been implemented, all around the world.
Behind this desire to make a state of play of our society, the subtle aim of Today-project is deeper: rebuild connection between humans through visual arts.
Yann believe that by showing the world through the eyes of ‘the other’, we understand and cherish the heritage of our world more. An assessment of our profound bounds , An apology of our difference. And the biggest revelation could be, that it may even teach us about ourselves, about our planet and - most importantly of all - how to look after it for generations to come.
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